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Welcome to Alternative Energy

Alternative Energy eTrack is the interactive desktop tool designed for executives and analysts active in or supplying services to the alternative and renewable energy industries. The database covers detailed information on all renewables and other clean technologies.

Subscribers receive access to 20 unique alternative energy databases, news and deals, company profiles, expert insight, and research reports, fully integrated with innovative desktop tools for easy search, browse and data access. The platform enables you to rapidly find data, track companies, build custom presentations and extract information into Word, PDF, PowerPoint and Excel.

Alternative Energy Databases

Includes coverage on the key industry dynamics of global and regional markets, including production capacity, equipment profiles and market landscape in the following technology areas:

  • Wind Power
  • Solar Photovoltaic (Pv), Concentrated Solar Power (Csp), And Concentrated Photovoltaic (Cpv) Databases
  • Hydro Power
  • Geothermal Power
  • Biodiesel And Bioethanol
  • Biomass And Biogas
  • Ocean Thermal, Wave, And Tidal Power
  • Hydrogen And Fuel Cells
  • Energy Storage
  • Energy Infrastructure
  • Capacity and Generation
  • Power Plants

Capacity and Generation

The Capacity and Generation Database provides historic and forecast information on installed capacity and power generation or fuel production data for major countries.

Power Plants

The Power Plants Database includes detailed coverage on financial, technical and operational parameters of power plants of various renewable power technologies. The Power Plants Database covers plants in planned, under-construction and operational phases.

News and Deals Database

The News Database provides daily coverage on key industry developments, including products development, strategy changes, technology advancements, corporate restructuring and regulatory changes.

The Deals Database covers transaction details of various deals categorized as mergers and acquisitions, asset purchases, project financing, venture capital, equity and debt offerings, and partnerships.

Company Profiling

View thousands of company profiles and reports containing SWOT analysis, asset analysis reports and benchmarking data.

Research & Analysis

  • Company analysis and profiles
  • Regulatory and policy analysis
  • Investment opportunity analysis
  • Analysis of key issues affecting the industry
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual deal trend analysis

Alerts and Updates

  • Alternative Energy eTrack is updated on real time basis in order to keep you up to date with the latest information and analysis.
  • Daily news and deals alerts tailor-made to your areas of interest
  • Latest tender and contract announcements updated live
  • Analysis Alerts giving opinion and analysis on the latest policy, market and company events

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